The NBA Thread


It’s all about ratings


Well, we’ll never know.
2 down instead of tied, would Cavs go for the 3 pointer to win, or the 2 pointer to tie? Very different scenario to going for the win versus tie.


Pacers absolutely blowing out the Cavs, 117-83 with 2 min left. Lebron on the bench with a busted eyebrow. 7th game should be epic, Lebron has never lost a first round series.

OKC vs Utah next, can Westbrook repeat his midweek spectacular.


Warriors up 103-74 at the end of Q3. This series is over.


LeBron going absolutely mad here in Game 7, demolishing the Pacers by himself


Its almost like the Pacers are challenging him to beat them and he’s obliging. You have zero chance of winning going one on one with him in this form.


Thompson dominating the paint is big too


Cavs gone cold and Oladipo getting a hot hand, this could go to the buzzer.


Raptors with a real chance here @maroonandwhite


Great finish in store here.


Love could walk here.
Edit. The cracker gets away with it. If that was a black lad @Turenne


OT in Toronto. Eleven (11) shots missed on the trot by the raptors.




Steph is back!


And nails the trey


Absolutely woeful from them in the close, both shot selection and creation. The Cavs played shite but ground out a win away from home against the 1 seed, Korver and JR kept them afloat at stages and Jeff Green was quality too.


Great to see Rondo hasn’t lost the competeitive streak.


Did he just wipe his forehead on the ball? :smile:


To see if Draymond could hit the second free throw with a slippy ball.
He had a great teacher with KG. He got into it with Green at half time as well. A gas cunt. He had 22 pts 12 assists and 5 steals. Not bad for a washed up player. Pelicans have no depth on the bench which was their down fall last night. That and GSW are too fuckin good.


Jazz beat Rockets in game 2. Mitchell is a serious force, absolutely drove Utah to a huge win.