The NBA Thread


‘Cracker’ Joe Ingles with a big game also


Lebron absolutely demolishes the Raptors in game 2, scoring 43 points. With Love back in form (31 points, 11 rebounds) it’s looking a bit ominous for anyone in the Cavs path.


Pelicans tearing GSW a new one here, if they can take Game 4 too it’ll be interesting again


Yeah great run from NO in the third, will be interesting to see how the Warriors respond in the 4th.


Shown up to be a complete fraud today. Just like Bogdan, one big game and worthless after.


Theyre missing cracker rubio bigly



Up by 10 early on the 2nd. Dosent hurt that Philly are shooting the ball as if they were blindfolded at the moment. It surely cant last


It didn’t. Baynes got murdered


Rubio is a wop not a cracker.


Yep every time but a dunk is the same as a layup on the scoreboard.
Embid is 7 for 18. Baynes and Horford doing OK


Thank you JJ. You dumb cracker


What a finish from cracker eile. Great game


Great finish. Physical game but not at thhe level to worry the main contenders. We go to OT


No, good d clueless offense, but pure drama. And that philly jersey is siccccck


Simmons and Tatum going up and down the court trading scores in ET. Two phenomenal rookies. Would Simmons be considered a cracker?


Embid 10 for 26.


Al Horford you genius. Hammered all night by Embid and makes a big play at the death




Threw it away. Literally


He’s Aussie though so that counts for a shit ton of cracker points. His Mom is a cracker.