The NBA Thread


Are these Canadians fucks going to put up any bit of a fight?


I like how utterly garbage Love is he is still miles better than that cracker JV.


Love is the best cracker by far in the NBA. Coming into form just in time.
Cavs for the championship.


Embiid is the Paul Pogba of the NBA


Warriors at Pelicans about to start.
Lets go Rondo!


NO will be out back in their box where they belong


Goodnight Orleans.


Houston into the western conference final, great game by Chris Paul. Mitchell with an incredible 22 points in Q3 and then injured in a clash of knees with Harden.


Celtics! Its never been simply about the players. As an organisation, the Celtics are a force of nature.

Come at us Lebron.


Hopefully Philly learned their lesson. The only cracker that should be anywhere near that squad is Saric who got destroyed by Horford all night. Need to get rid of everyone not named Simmons or Embiid.



BTW i think the Cavs in 5


Celtics up 25 to 9 with 3:30 to go in the first.


Celtics 36-18 at the end of the first quarter.


Celtics 61-35 at half time.


61-35 Q2 blowout


Lebron looked as if he was using this game to see if he had any help. Well he doesn’t and he now realizes again that he has to do it all on his own.


Five minutes in and Green looking to get tossed already. This is going to be tasty, Harden and Curry looking like they brought their A game.


Wild game, Warriors up 83-72 late in the third. Harden having to do far too much as usual, but the man is just phenomenal.


Dubs win game one, ominous for Houston.


Cavs up by 10 near the half but in a sensational development, Lebron gets a dunt somewhat similar to DOC on PC last Sunday and gone to the locker room dazed.