The NBA Thread


Back on the court.


Another big win for the Celtics, Cavs in big trouble.


Maybe Cavs in 6 ?


Don’t think so. Celtics are a better side and this time Lebron can’t do it all himself. He had 42 points and another triple double last night and they were still beaten by 13.


If JR has an uptick of form, it’s a completely different team


In Korver, Smith and Love the Cavs have 3 usually outstanding perimeter shooters. That they have all gone cold is amazing. I would expect the Cavs to win their home games and I would not put it past Lebron to put on one more show in Boston before heading for LA or back to Miami in the Summer.


Korver and love were both ok points wise last night though. They just have no D and are letting Boston walk in. Their attitude is wrong and Stevens has a plan to shackle Lebron. Can’t do it all the time but enough. He’ll be gone, LA for the sunshine Id guess


Korver was 2 from 5
Love was 2 from 6
Smith 0 from 4.
All 3 have been elite 3pt shooters in the past. Now they are average. I still expect them to up their game at home.


40% and 33% are average, anything above would be exceptional


Ben Simmons, Donovan Mitchell & Jayson Tatum are this season’s finalists for Rookie of the Year. It looks very much like Simmons will get it but by any other year’s standard the other two guys have been sensational and would have got it most times. It’s been a really sensational year for the young guys. The Boston back office are truly something else the way they elected to trade away the no. 1 pick in last year’s draft to take Tatum at no. 3. And of course the year before snagging Jaylen Brown at no. 3 another master selection.


Warriors getting slaughtered here in the third. Missing a bunch of threes.


They are definitely the coming team.


Lock the doors.


Rockets defense was awesome tonight.


If Boston win the East with such a young core and all the while missing Irving and Hayward it will go down as one of the best coaching performances in the past few decades.


Coaching maybe. Danny Ainge acquisition policy definitely


Doncic really is a walking bust. Even for a cracker he is slow as sin. Fat too. Would make a decent junior b full forward.


Eastern Finals Game 3 tonight. Cavs have to win this at home to have any hope.


Celtics getting smoked here, 61 - 41 to the Cavs at the half.


Cavs in 6