The Official Australian Cricket Team Supporters thread


Maybe it’s the round ball that’s doing for them.


First test match in seven months, since the ball tampering series in South Africa starting against Pakistan tomorrow morning. Will you be able to field a team @Fitzy with all the absentees?


Pakistan are the no 1 team in world at moment as far as I’m concerned. If we had full pick you could make comparisons but this should be an easy series win for the mullahs


Pakistan 97/0 after 34 overs.


Which Aussie is in charge of minding the ball?


165/0. Harder to come by wickets when you can’t ball tamper.


Stumps on Day 3: Pakistan 482 & 45/3 Australia 202.

Pakistan lead by 325 runs with 7 wickets in hand. Calamitous Australia batting collapse. 160/2 to 202 all out.


At least we got Hafeez out, he’s a dinger of a player once he gets in


I see Peter Siddle is playing. Thought he was long gone.


He was playing for some old village in the pennines last I heard. Supposed to be a very nice man.


What a result, what grit and fortitude under incessant pressure. That draw is a massive fillip for us. Paine and Kawaja were like Davy Crockett and General Custer out there today at times. Take a bow sons


Shane Warne has a book out. He’s done an interview with Vaughan for the BBC podcast.


The two Marshs made an impressive contribution.


@Fitzy will be seething over that.


Australia in command on the first morning of the second test in Abu Dhabi. Nathan Lyon has picked up 4 wickets in 6 balls. Pakistan 57/5.


Pakistan, the Waterford of the cricket world.



There’s a lot more Pakistanis in the United Arab Emirates than there is Waterford people in their termporary home of Limerick.


weird enough response


Australia 91/7 in response to Pakistan’s 282.


From Pakistan being at 51/5 or whatever, the spread betting patterns would be interesting.