The Official Clare v Galway Thread

[quote=“Special Olympiakos”]Anyone confirm that if Galway win on Saturday they have to play Cork because they cannot meet Laois again?

I’m only asking because Monaghan/Derry was pulled out again in the bogball?[/QUOTE]

Yes, I can confirm this is the case.

[quote=“Special Olympiakos”]Anyone confirm that if Galway win on Saturday they have to play Cork because they cannot meet Laois again?

I’m only asking because Monaghan/Derry was pulled out again in the bogball?[/QUOTE]

100% present and correct as I understand it but as MBB pointed out there, they seem to be making a lot of things up as they go along this year.(ie. every year!)

The relegation battle has become a bit of a fiasco alright. I think the correct system was actually in place all along but they seem to have told no one about it. So no, it won’t be Antrim v Offaly. Another problem now apparently is the special congress ruling that Antrim and Galway be admitted into Leinster for three seasons, the problem being that Antrim look likely to be relegated and people don’t know if they can be given that ruling. Hopefully common sense will prevail and Down/Carlow end up taking Antrim’s place (should they be relegated). I wonder what would happen if Limerick or Clare were relegated though? Would that mean that Down or Carlow would end up playing in the munster championship? Not easy make sense of it.

Theres merit in giving Antrim 3 years in Leinster guarantee. Saying that, had Laois lost last Sat night, no one would give a fuck.

So fuck em.

4 games to Liam, g’wan to fuck Riggers!

Think Antrim will still be allowed compete in the Leinster championship but not the AI series (if they’re relegated). Westmeath were given that privilige for a few years too. (Beat the Dubs a few years ago).

[quote=“Pikeman”]Think Antrim will still be allowed compete in the Leinster championship but not the AI series (if they’re relegated). Westmeath were given that privilige for a few years too. (Beat the Dubs a few years ago).

Can they really do that though? Truly jokeshop shit going on here.

It doesn’t look like they’ve thought it through at all. Antrim in my book should be open to losing their Leinster spot on two counts: Firstly, if they’re beaten in the Ulster final the team that does it should be allowed through inorder to give the Ulster championship some meaning. Secondly, if you’re relegated from the Liam McCarthy, down you go.

Can I ask what is the reward for winning the Christy Ring championship if Antrim aren’t going to be relegated?

I’d imagine the Ring winners will in the end, come up, and make 13 team Liam Mc Cship.

Which I presume means someone will have to face Kilkenny in the first round of Leinster, unless they put the extra team into munster.

Most likely the case, typical GAA, wimp out answer here.

Most unfair on Kilkenny. This will never happen.

Fine, toss Galway back out.


Galways inclusion has already made this years Leinster championship the best in living memory. Laois hurling has improved irrevocably after encountering Galway in the opening round!

The very least they owe to the people who are putting so much work into hurling in counties like Down and Carlow is something to aim for. If they’re wiling to fight to make hurling strong in those counties the least they deserve is for the GAA to meet them half way.

I’d have no objection to Down taking our place in Munster if we are relegated.

We’d have a real chance in the Christy Ring next year.

Sports Editorial in the galway Advertiser. They’re really gunning for us his time. If our lads are up for it we’re in for some serious fireworks on Saturday.

Saturday night showdown will be defining moment for Galway

Galway Advertiser, July 09, 2009.

Saturday evening in Cusack Park, Ennis will be a defining occasion for the Galway hurlers, who are completely aware that there is no margin for error. From here on in the Championship is knockout, and a doughty Clare team are willing and able to examine Galways resolve.

This will certainly be a test of Galways character. Positives were taken from the manner in which John McIntryes charges competed with Kilkenny, but it is the end result that truly matters now.

Clare have taken plenty of encouragement from their own valiant loss to Tipperary, and the way Mike McNamaras charges thundered back into that contest suggests Galway need to deliver a solid display. Never an easy place in which to claim a result Cusack Park will offer Clare an advantage, and Galways last Championship encounter at the venue wasnt exactly filled with glory.

With the starting Galway XV only being revealed on the pitch minutes prior to throw in the maroons were subsequently rattled by Clares ferocious approach. That was a physical clash, but McIntyres team didnt shirk the exchanges in Tullamore so there is sufficient evidence available to believe that Galway wont shy away from a confrontation.

It is in such ties when Clare are at their most dangerous, and while the Lohans are no longer hurling any side with Brendan Bugler, Alan Markham, and Diarmuid McMahon are always going to be competitive. Clare, though, possess plenty of decent stickmen too, with Gerry OGradys honesty at corner back, Jonathan Clancys dash at centrefield, Niall Gilligans experience inside, and Colin Ryans precise striking, making them quietly confident.

Doubts surround the participation of Damien Hayes and particularly John Lee for Galway, but both are expected to be deemed fit to start. Lee suffered a broken toe in a recent challenge with Tipperary, but the Liam Mellows centre back is likely to be involved from the off.

Two of Lees former Fitzgibbon Cup colleagues with NUIG, Ryan and David Barrett, will carry a threat especially in the tight environs of Ennis. Ryan enjoyed a productive afternoon from frees and play during the Tipperary defeat, while Barrett is clearly a player with potential, and his languid style could cause Galway difficulty. Following subdued displays at the Gaelic Grounds compared to previous efforts Tony Carmody and Tony Griffin will need to be thwarted too so the Galway rearguard must be diligent throughout.

Having contributed so handsomely to a smashing joust with Kilkenny Galway now deal with the heavy burden of expectancy. Strangely in the modern game simply being close to Kilkenny is viewed as adequate by many, but a deeper ambition exists in the Galway panel.

That is why this challenge with neighbours Clare is so consequential because Galway are under duress to emerge victorious. A summer ending reversal wont be accepted by McIntyre, who has Galway well primed for battle.

And with McNamara patrolling the line too for Clare that is precisely what Galway will get. Inevitably Galway hope that Joe Canning can demonstrate his prowess with another haul, the Portumna attackers ability and adeptness at dealing with rising expectation make him a player of rare quality.

At the opposite end of the field Damien Joyce will be suited to the passionate environment that awaits, while Ollie Canning, Fergal Moore, and Shane Kavanagh are blessed with the talent to thrive. Offering Joe Canning assistance up front Niall Healy and Aonghus Callanan will be anxious to chip in with interventions, while there is also no denying Cyril Donnellans relevance to the Galway cause.

This match could develop into a scrap so a positive start will be yearned for by both teams. Galway had pockets of supremacy when vexing standard bearers Kilkenny, but Brian Codys men were cool and composed as the stern questions were posed. Kilkenny were able to inflict damage when they had Galway on the backfoot. Clare mightnt be armed with as many attacking weapons, but it would be rude to ignore the respectable score they posted against Tipperary. Ryan has the poise required of a free taker so Clare will punish any Galway indiscretions, and in a tense climate McIntyres outfit must be calm and clinical.

Clare team named to face Galway:

  1. Philip Brennan
  2. Pat Vaughan
  3. James McInerney
  4. Gerry O’Grady
  5. Pat Donnelan
  6. Brendan Bugler
  7. Alan Markham
  8. Brian O’Connell
  9. Tony Griffin
  10. Tony Carmody
  11. Diarmuid McMahon
  12. Colin Ryan
  13. Niall Gilligan
  14. David Barrett
  15. Jonathan Clancy

Galway Team

  1. Callanan
  2. Joyce
  3. Kavanagh
  4. Ollie
  5. Moore
  6. Lee
  7. Cullinane
  8. Lynch
  9. Hynes
  10. Callanan
  11. Donnellan
  12. Smyth
  13. Hayes
  14. Joe
  15. Healy

Ye’ll timber fuckall on Saturday WTB ye flaky has been coonts!!:rolleyes:

I wouldn’t say we’re flakey, we’re just not that good. Still I’d say ye’ll shit yere’selves as usual if the temperature rises in the second half. If we’re hurling well and its at all close we’ll beat ye.