The Official Cork GAA 2017 Thread


What are you on about. I have bones of 20 years volunteering done.

I can walk into a meeting, ha d the membership lad my 60 euro and find a seat.

I stepped away for a few years to let the order change.

And my use is completely different. I am useful to him thru social media


Me me me me me me me me
Meeeeee meeeeeeeeee meeeeeeee.


Make sure & use the spell check function on these social media reviews you are planning.


We know brimmer. We know boy


I’d love to see you get involved in Politics, Ireland need people like you


Me Feiners?


Am i right in saying if they win saturday they must play sunday again?


I’m a big supporter of his views in general about Ireland and the oirish mentality


Fianna Fáil candidate so.


You are correct. Usually i’d batter the CB et al. But there was a series of unlucky circumstances. All ireland Intermediate replay fucked it.

Inmiscarra only played semi last night. Which is probably what will keep glen in the game i feel.

Will you go @ChocolateMice ?


What are you getting at here? This fella is v well known and made a significant effort last year to clubs on board to make huge overhaul of how gaa in county was being run.


It looks that way unless it has been moved.


There would be war up in the dail


Bring the wife to watch the ex?? Not likely :grinning:


If O’Donovon is to succeed it won’t be with lugs like Kev making noise.


Oh christ.

'Scarra i assume?


Yeah - tho she may have given up last year and retired a winner.


I was more interested in your line of questioning which you alluded to.

Id say he is far too straight to suceed.


Revolution in Cork GAA doesn’t work. Kill the old system with kindness from within. It will be a long hard road of work to make tangible change in a County of Corks size.

I find it very amusing that our own TFK crusader is all Billy Big Balls but not a paid up member of his club.

It sickens my shit the usual blowhards making noise when real change has to start at the top table of every single Club first. But, as usual there are mountains of excuses to keep the hand down at AGM’s across the country every December. The same wafflers always raise a tone in the pub knocking all & sundry regardless of shying away from responsibilities though.


Nothing happens thru the clubs in Cork.

On one hand you say change has to happen sliwly from within CB, but in the other you say it has to happen in the club.

You haven’t the first notion what you are talking about and are a bitter highly insecure man.