The Official Cork GAA 2017 Thread



Scarra 2-6 to 0-7 up at h-t

Good game. Glen caught with 2 goals inside 3 mins.


Knocknagree 2 - 19 vs 2 - 10 Erins Own

knocknagree junior champions


Outstanding team. Be a v good bet for the intermediate title next year they have a heap of young lads coming through.

Worth 10 mins of anyones time to go to the C103 website and find John Fintan Daly (Snr) iview from after the game. An outstanding coach who should have got the top job in cork. He coached cork minors at 21 or 22 years of age having won a county minor with knocknagree the year before. This is his 2nd county with knockagree the other 30+ years ago. He has 2 x coubty snr footballs with duhallow and he won an intermediate all ireland football with miltown in kerry a few years ago. He won an AI u21 with cork before as well. But he wasnt a co board lackey and spoke his mind so never got the senior job.

As I said worth finding the interview


John Fintan knows his ball.

Lived too far away for Franks liking.

Super record


Not a millions miles off as good a record as billy Morgan over the span of a career. Certainly too good a record to ignore in a county like Cork. Seems to have moved with the times as well. Team supremely well conditioned to my untrained eye


Not to take away from JFD and i agree with everything you say, but he got a driven bunch of players too.

They went all the way to Senior the last time they won Junior. From what i hear its not beyond them again. Erins own are a big fit team and no monkeys and by all accounts KNG were well over them


He got a good crop of players alright but they had massively underachieved before he took over. They hadnt won duhallow champ in 25 years. Hes added serious quality. Fellas tell me the focus on skills development is huge with the start and finish of the game plan being as quick an exit from own half as possible. Brilliant kick passing side.

Not sure if they were ever senior before but thats the target now for sure


They were definitely. I remember it. 6 O’Connors playing i think. They nearly had a famous win one time.

He shares alot of the same approaches as Micky Ned O’Sullivan who i initially based my principals on and i think they are friends.

He has a successful business too ya?


Them o connors are legendary. Known as the Rorys i.e. Pat Rory O connor, denny rory etc. They were 5 or 6 of them knocking around the duhallow teams that won the 2 senior counties.

Hes a solicitor. Dont know how succesful he is but id say the football got equal attention at least!


Niall and Rory were the main lads. Niall was no.15.
Unbelievable footballer. Injured alot but was kinda somewhere between Matt Connor and Paul mcGrath.

Never got a proper go when fit with cork. If he was around now he would definitely be playing


Does the club rule county in Cork? From people I meet it does.


I wouldn’t say you could define the county in any way now.

There is an apathy growing towards the county teams for sure which may enhance the club game maybe.


100% sure that club success trumps all else in the likes of Knocknagree. Bar maybe an AIf win over kerry.


Ya further away from city the less they care


Yeah,agree,out the country interest in the county team lessens.


Lads on blood and Bandage saying O’Farrell and Haughney are gone from the panel.


I see Midleton managed to lose the Dean Ryan final despite being a man and seven points up.


Still no selectors???


I see Tracey’s inexorable rise continues. Croke Park awaits.


Cork GAA is a leader in equality .