The Official Cork GAA 2017 Thread


Kieran (fraggy) Murphy. Donal O Mahony & Denis Ring. are selectors


Which one is Donal O’Mahony?


goalkeeper coach last year. From Bishopstown. I


Teaches in Christians.


Have you got a report for me on St. Catherines - Where are they strong and where are their weaknesses ?

cc @fenwaypark


That’s the guy. Trained their Harty team last year.


Big strong team. Had 3 involved with Imokilly who won senior County. Don’t know a lot about them but they are a good yoiung team. depends on how they celebrate this week.


Waiting on @johnnysachs to give me the full lowdown


Main lad behind the hurling there afaik. Was a savage underage hurler back in the day. 3 year cork minor i think.


Have not seen catherines play in donkey years.


When was this announced?


No celebrating was what i was informed.


Heard @ weekend.


Ok so nothing announced. I was wondering did i miss it.

Not terribly inspiring bat maybe Fraggie is supposed to be a decent coach.

But then again will he be allowed coach?


Echo confirming O’Mahony and Fraggie apparently.


Ring would make sense as the bridge with the U-21s.


The position makes sense.

Some people are comcremed about attitude to adult men not being great, he never stops being a Principal. Suits young lads. That happens a bit though with some coaches. Cutbert another example

Anyway we’ll wait and see. Give them a chance. You need 12 months really to assess and really 2 years for any management.

These lads are coming in on very strange terms though.

It was suggested to me that Myler wouldn’t move as he k ew if he didn’t KK would move on. Who knows. Not ideal anyway.

But neither was Sully being brought in and they overcame that to a degree


I used to know Dónal quite well, played underage against him and shared a dressing room with him for a short period, he was a more than decent dual player and a smart fella, always walked around with a face like a slapped arse though


Good technical coach and tactician is what i was told by people who worked with him


Do ye have a problem with one of your stars below? Discipline wise?