The Official Cork GAA 2017 Thread


Cadogan speaks like Kermit the :frog:


Is McDonnell definitely gone? Think Cork in for a short year.


He won’t be missed, lanky useless fucker.


Would you score much off him yourself?


I wouldn’t fancy marking him anyway.


He’d be all over most lads like a rash.

Not being able to hold one of the Tipp or Galway forwards is hardly enough reason to be ridiculing a fella.


Harry would ate him alive.


If there are no better up & coming CB’s in Cork then ye are in really bad shape. I would not question his effort & dedication, but imo he was a very very average IC hurler with a below average skill set from my viewing of his performances over many years.


Thats a very long way from a lanky useless fucker.

Its hard to know whats there. I was not overly inpressed with the u21 backs at all.

Minors were weaker in full back line than anywhere else


Was he useless or average?


On his own terms


Out lasted them all.


You can’t kill an idea. Frank will never die.


I heard a great one at the weekend about Frank being asked to help out a club in the midlands with a little disciplinary issue they had. Frank said no bother, but I’ll be having your All Ireland tickets allocation when the time comes please. Player gets off scot free. Come September, Frank picks up the phone, and duly collects payment.

Frank is the man we all wish to be.


There’s a TV series in Frank. “House of rescinded cards”


I think the fact that he fucked over FOTF woolberto only this year to boot really adds to the mans mystique.


He’d make a good replacement for frank underwood. A cork president of the free world


Four Cork schools in the Harty semis.