The Official Cork GAA 2017 Thread


It’s great to have an old school Cork character like yourself in this thread Tassoti.


I used to live there in Gialbbey street there, there used to be a little tradition of mine, I called in the triangle of death on Sunday, Annie Macs, Ellises and ending up in the Quinryan


is the Deanrock in Togher still going lads?


Cissy Youngs?

Some noble pubs on Bandon Road/Barrack Street


Ger Cunningham linked to the role.


he’s not a manager


I told the forum that first.


cissies was a mixture of older cork weridos and students, there used to be a great butcher across the road called Murphy’s, a big jovial fellow, some pork chops, I wonder is he still going?


I know him professionally, he’s not a line leader


Who writes these fucking things? Absolutely no insight bar the obvious why do they need to write the fucking article. Daly and Sheedy aren’t candidates ffs and then name the three other selectors as the other option. Such shit ‘journalism’


Ger Cunningham would set Cork back years if he gets it.


Make no mistake, Daly will be a candidate if the offer is generous enough.


I’d love to see that. The usual Cork know it alls would be seething as it would go against their clannish and parochial attitude


Try google


I love to see ger and rock two gentlemen but ger told me he wouldn’t take it but the fact ye did so good might change that


Ger Cunningham told you directly that he wasn’t interested in the Cork job?




What about Jamie Wall, Joe?


Surprising, you’d have assumed it would be his dream job. Did he give you any reason?


The problem seems to be money sure.

Would not surprise me if some bills were not paid and Kk had asked them be sorted