The Official Cork GAA 2017 Thread


They are partially responsible for the drop in standards


I doubt they want the job, and even if they did, no one would want them to take it.


Moynihan saying the CCB fucked up.


Who has been managing the Glen the last few years? Tony Wall?


No. Not that type of man.

Ritchie Kelleher.

But i hace a feeling the S&C guy who also did alot of the hurling was behind alot of it. Dave Moriorty from Limerick. Worked with Liam Kearns in Limerick and Tipp


Pat Kenneally in line for it surely.


Justin McCarthy




I was talking to him last week - Doubt he will be considered.


I’m surprised the ‘pundit arena’ didn’t have him listed as a possible candidate


What’s the story with eligibility for UCC in the co. championship lads? I was reading an article with Jamie Barron there about how this will be his last time playing for UCC which would indicate that he has finished college. Is it just that they have to have been a student at the time the championship started?



Not sure has it changed but was a time when once you were there at all you could play. As far as i remember its now only undergraduates


Yes Barron has just finished his masters in the last month or so.

This will be his last hurrah with the famous skull and crossbones.


I’ll slit your throat, you fucking prick.



Jesus, using Donalds lines :joy:

And typical modern bullshitting too, with a hint of GAA ambiguity

Just enough to say “i never said…”


Wont put his name forward

Some might say, he didn’t rule himself out either…


Didn’t think the rock would be a fan of the snapchat!


The end of an era!


“Find a successor”