The Official Cork GAA 2017 Thread


one of our finest sporting administrators, he’s greatest achievement was seeing off thos gpa pricks and their strikes who nearly destroyed the gaa in Cork and the way he rebuilt them


look at those who dedicated their lives to destroying him…

og cusack, resorted to boasting about his sordid sex life in his autobiography and is now coaching the worst clare team in 20 years
gah, fuck knows whatever happened him
the rock, good for running around the pitch like an ape but not management material
og halpin, in the bank, people got sick of him fairly lively



Tom Kenny - very successful business man. Elite Triathlete.
Wayne Sherlock - just a great guy, was before it, and still is. Putting huge work into his club
Timmy McCarthy - Successful Farmer. Having a great life.
Joe Deane - Successful Business man, still hurling, coaching, living

I could go on.

Sean Og is flying by the way.

All of these lads would struggle to be totally into careers while playing. But let them at it for a few years and they will achieve like anyone else and often more.

Did they drop the ball with the CB? Yes
Was it selfish? Yes
Would i blane them? No




“Well Timmy, how’re things with you?”
“Good now, good…I’m actually having a great life”


No farmer would admit to being successful FFS.


Delighted to give the magical no 10


only someone like Pat Hickey would have the gravitas to replace Frank


Thanks mate, it was a Wednesday afternoon tap in really, I take no pleasure in it.


Pat Ryan gone now as well?


Couldn’t continue without Frank


Sure they are all gone once Kingston is gone


Just need Nash to go now, the prick


Story with the new avatar mate? super edgy.


A man told me today this frank leaving thing is a big ball of smoke. He is going nowhere. He may have a different job title but he still be there


It’s the effect I was after


Pat Mul odds after dropping significantly. You’d imagine Meyler would have got it by this stage.


Its ironic Myler and Landers are in the running

The east Cork people will be split. They hate Landers, but Myler just as much :joy::joy::joy:


Haven’t heard Meyler mentioned much in general.

Landers isn’t liked.