The Official Cork GAA 2017 Thread


No definitely not.

And from what i have heard and seen there is no great readoning for it and it was exained to me as Cloyne jealousy.

Anyway whoever gets it has an uphill battle


Going to be a city/east Cork final in the junior hurling.


Is that like the East West Rapper wars?


Imokilly beat Erins Own 1-22 to 4–12 in a thriller. UCC and Sars up next.


No barron or gleeson for ucc


I think there were Waterford county championship matches on today. Advantage Sars.


Fourmilewater played Thursday night but the two boys have other commitments apparently :joy:


Awful disrespect towards college


Sars win by the minimum. 0 - 18 : 1 - 14.


Back to drinking cans for the students now.


Eh they went drinking in Liverpool for the weekend mate.


FFS Barron was supposed to have sold his ticket. I backed college on the back of it


Good to see a journo actually looking at the games in front of him.

If Sherlock, Connolly and O’Donovan step up it will be a huge boost for Cork. Connolly has not been appreciated by recent managements but is a serious player.

Hard to know if Donovan is IC standard, but his club play is way way too good to ignore.

Cork potentially could be absolutely huge physically next year.


The rugby players win @Turenne,
Well done the Rockies :clap:


‘I’d be filled with uncertainty’ - Cork minor star on the comeback trail after torn cruciate

Douglas football management should be shot.


Typical gga shit, running young lads into the ground expecting to play and train 7 days a week with 6 or 7 different teams, real bogman shit


You forgot to mention about the way that the clannish parochial nature of Cork people will have contributed to this


The one and only Tony Leen.



Going by the Examiner, Meyler for Senior and Considine for Minor with Ring a possibility for senior selector or U-21 manager. Fraggie in as senior selector.


Fraggie and Pat Ryan are both coaches though

Don’t like Ring for 20’s.
That headmaster approach will wear thin on lads in college a year or two.

Ritchie Kelleher as a coach is a strange call too, don’t think he does much coaching.