The Official Cork GAA 2017 Thread


What has Ryan got to do with anything?

U-21s not U-20s.


In the Harty:

Midleton, Colmans and A.G. won. CBC and Charleville lost.


Frank Murphy has done some job in Cork


2 Sars and both coaches. Having them on the same ticket not a great idea


The truth is Frank has been shinted out of all recent managerial appointments and.most goings on in general to be honest.

As wrong as some of the recent appointments were, they were done to move lads out of the way quitely


Pat Ryan is gone mate.


Where did you hear that?

He ruled himself out of top job. Nothing else


Eh read the examiner. Only declan O’sullivan and keegan are continuing.


U-15 Luke Horgan playing in the Harty for A.G. Quite a talent evidently.


Thats not what it said at all.

Said players were anxious for those 2 to stay.

Sully and Ryan said they were not in line for Manager, nothing else was said or ruled out.


Wait and see mate.



Any rumors? Myler I’d assume


It’ll be some turn around for Meyler if he pulls it off after @Bandage’s crowd shafted him


The Examiner article says Meyler.


Thanks for emphasizing my fact based point.


Nowhere does the journalist, sourced by people in the know, say anything about Ryan continuing. He specifically mentions O’Sullivan and Keegan as continuing, and…thats it. He even goes and lists the likely selectors.


You said they were gone.

It said no such thing.

Thats the bottom line


A shoo in I was told but Frank works in mysterious ways


Why are ye not getting it?
Frank has bot been involved in anything since nearly losing Kingston after a week 2 years ago