The Official Cork GAA 2017 Thread


Ronan McCarthy has done a fairly public culling of a number of players and calling them out essentially as having been there 4-5 years and doing little to be kept on.

Great to see he is taking this approach and even to be on squad you need to be active and trying to make side.

Colm O’Driscoll
Donal Og Hodnett
Tom Clancy - Clon
Niall Coakley
Conor Dorman


Build a team around Powter I say, Powter will lead us to glory.


Build it around McGuire, Sherlock, Powter, Walsh, Shields.

If they get it right there is a seriously powerful team.

They will need the silk of Barry O Driscoll and Connolly to come to the fore. There is a lack of consistancy there.


I see the U-21 Hurling championship is about to crack off. Perfect time of the year for it.


No mate, it just heavily implied they were gone. Anyway I’ll accept your apology when they announce a Pat Ryan free management this weekend.


@caoimhaoin i see tomas o leary is in line to win a county jinior football medal. Any word on is he any use


Very useful. He made a difference the other night by all accounts.

Erins Own are a funny lot, literally no interest in football whatsoever, but probably have the makings of a good Prem Int. team.

Physicality won it for them.

He will play Senior hurling next year according to my sources.

Mind you, it would be a monumental shock at this stage if Knocknagree don’t win Junior.


Thought the same earlier in season and they shit the bed in the duhallow final. They have a lot of good young lads ready to come through they need to get out of this grade (and Duhallow)

Will be some party there if the do they business. Best spot in the country for a session


That would be some achievement


He did captain Cork to win an All Ireland in fairness.

Physicality is huge in senior hurling, he has that.


He has the physicality alright. Was gone dog slow in the rugby though.

Would ve great to see it


They had the harder side and now have a rest.

Kilmac are a “nice” team of players apparently and have had 2 weeks off. Erins Own are going a good while now playing catch up.

Beither are as primed as KNG


Good spot for a drink alright, My Missus has relatives up there, didn’t it used to have the most pubs per head in the country (probably the world)


Cant have been far off it anyway. Lovely setting really around the green


Looking good for Imokilly against Sars.

4-15 to 4-10, couple minutes to go


7 points up now. Paudie Sull and Seamus Harnedy did untold tonight with 2 - 3 each.


Imokilly v Blackrock will have the privilege to contest the first County SHC final in PUC II.

Rockies will take the doors off the dressing room on their way out to win this for Frank.


And Frank will send them the invoice


Mallow win an outstanding Prem Int. 1-17 to 1-16.

Showed great metal to win out in fairness to the townie cunts.

2nd half was a belter


Heartbreak again for the dazzlers cc @Breaking_my_balls :disappointed_relieved: