The Official Cork GAA 2017 Thread


I will be fully supporting this and have offered personal support.

I’d love a good fight with these cunts.


I’m lending my support also.


You have my sword


Great result for Scarra camogie last night against Milford - they have a hex over them… They are into the County final this Saturday…


How much you charging, mate?


Against the Glen. They are all excited about it. So i expect them to flop at this groups first attempt and be well beaten by experienced Inniscarra.

Like to be wrong as i am very fond of all the Glen Camogie people i know, they are a great bunch.


My time


What administrative position do you currently hold within the Club you are a paid up member of?


Scarra girls are a tough bunch… will take beating.


Have you a vote in your club ?


Give me a bit more background info on this chap, Kev.

Is he currently for example, Chairman of his own club or in an administrative position.
Takes balls to do what he’s doing alright but to garner support he needs to be on the inside already if you catch my drift.

The old school lads will oppose him like the plague.


They are. Great lot too, but completely different. Glen are very young generally. I’d love to see them do it.


My man in Douglas has lots of good things to say about him and is hoping that he will be supported.


He is on the CB executive you muppet.

He is coaching Officer with years.

He has rocked the boat several times


I spoke to him today briefly.

This sounds like its going to be like a general election. They are all guns blazing.

CB not happy with either 2 at the moment, i would say they will come hard with another guy.

And no doubt will pull a stunt


Has he been in the Political game other than in his job you dozy cunt.

Are you so dumb as to miss my point of questioning here?


You haven’t a clue what tou are talking about


Not presently no.


Answer the question or state simply that you don’t know and are jumping on a hip bandwagon.


You’re about as useful to his campaign as pissing into the wind so.

For all the whingIng you do, you haven’t the guile to get properly involved to make a change from within your own club you hypocritical cunt.