The Official ex TFK Man City Supporter Thread


I hope Pep has many long years coaching Man City at the Yaya Toure Training Pitch Number 1.


It’s terrific news for Manchester City. I fancy them to win the European Cup next season. They possibly could have done it this season if it wasn’t for the terrorist attack on the team bus.


They are going to have the rename that now.

And revoke his lifelong season card.

He really is a despicable human being


You idiot.


Great stuff today


I had no idea until half an hour ago that @Esteban_de_la_Sexfac was a Manchester City fan. The only two posts he’s ever made on this thread (in the more than 7 years its been on the go) wouldn’t give you any real indication that he was. Compared to his miserly two posts in 7 years on the Manchester City supporters thread, on the Tottenham Hotspur supporters thread, he’s posted 32 times alone since Monday night. Obsession. Tottenham Hotspur truly are the only team that TFK cares about.


I’ve told you before it’s because the Tottenham thread is always at the top filled with posts by yourself.

This is a fairly sad thing to do mate. Desperate sad in fact


Its a Tottenham Hotspur supporters thread. Its only natural that the likes of myself, @KinvarasPassion, @Matty_Hislop, @Tassotti, @Horsebox, @backinatracksuit want to talk about our beloved Tottenham Hotspur. Pretty sad that you feel the need to constantly butt in with negativity and anti-Spurs sentiment, yet couldn’t be arsed talking about the club you supposedly support. I’m sure @myboyblue would jump at the chance on this thread to talk to you about Manchester City related matters.


Christ this is getting sadder. Rallying the troops.
I wouldn’t say I’ve been overly negative about them. I’ve given my opinion, that’s all. It’s a forum.
There are 192 posts in here since 2012. So it seems to be a bit of a dungeon.
You generally tend to end up on the threads that have activity on a forum, it’s how the internet works.

Are you telling me to stay off the Spurs forum unless I say nice things about Spurs?


if mbb is the only other City fan on here I’m going to consider a change


Kyle walker. Wooooooof


plastic club


I’ mate




Newcastle are turgid. Never even had a go at the end.

City not fully firing. Dear Bruyne a big miss.

Walker, sterling and Jesus best on show today


Jesus wasn’t good today, they improved immensely when Silva came on. They completely dominated the ball in the second half with possession in Newcastle’s half. It’s great to watch, there wasn’t much Rafa could do there. Sterling wasted possession on the edge of the box 3, 4 times in great positions.


Jesus looked a big threat while he was on. Sterling was good up to the final delivery as usual.

Bernardo Silva is some man to keep the ball.

Another day could have seen one or two more goals.

Mahrez was dog shit. Slows the whole show down chopping back onto his left.


Why was Sane dropped?

There’s a rumour going about that he is fond of the devil’s dandruff


Poor attitude to training I heard cited on a sports bulletin on the radio earlier:


I can confirm this to be correct.