The Official ex TFK Man City Supporter Thread


I had a four year hiatus from the internet


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@GeoffreyBoycott requested we take it in here. In the interest of politeness let’s continue here


Are you going to answer my question so?


It isn’t but let’s continue.

Adug bought ownership of Mcfc then later sold 20% to a Chinese media group forming CFG as a holding company


And who owns Adug?


Sheikh Mansour


Thanks mate, that was an hour or so of a discussion which we could have easily avoided


I didn’t know Sheikh Mansour has been found guilty of human rights abuse mate


He’s the deputy prime minister of the UAE. Man CIty are a marketing tool for the UAE government to deflect attention away from their human rights abuses and murdering


I’ve great time for Sheikh Mansour, he helped me out with something a few years ago


Jesus you’d think owning a club in the largest league in the world would lead to investigation into your dealings.

You’d think if they were murderous and had skeletons they’d keep the head down and not draw attention to themselves.


I had no idea you moved in those circles mate.

Tell him thanks from me the next time you’re talking to him


Eh, no. That’s what marketing and PR are for


I used to be a big City fan


Back when they were shit?


Back when they were a proper football club


Back when they weren’t a threat and were a jokeshop.

Funnily enough, Newcastle seem to have taken up the joke shop mantle these days. It’s a tough station mate, ride it out and maybe one day they’ll have an owner who’ll invest his money rather than using the club as a PR tool to generate revenue for his other ventures


back then


Newcastle are a horrifically run club owned by a horrific man who is still about a million times better than the lads who own Man City



Liverpool fans who have a history of murder, pickpocketing their dead etc etc getting pissy because they have different cultural norms in the gulf