The Official ex TFK Man City Supporter Thread


God Bless Sheik Mansour


A great man. He brought City from Nowhere to the biggest club in the world


He spotted a diamond in the rough and turned it into Koh-I-Noor


HRH just hands over the dosh. Khaldoon Al Mubarak is the boy here


Khaldoon is a noble man with a beautiful vision.


A few levels up from Franny Lee alright.


Franny did some service, they know’t. No more of that


Ok. Swales then.

He almost brought the club to its knees.

I’d argue Frannys contributions over a few pints with you


plucked from obscurity and turned into the greatest team of all time, it really is a magical story


nah, they just fucked a lot of cash at it.

if you want the real fairytale story then its gotta be


Nah, they gently applied layer and layer to create the greatest organisation in sporting history.


they regenerated massive areas of Manchester and are developing young people there, not just through sport, giving them jobs in management and commercially, a really fantastic organisation that deserves serious credit


biggest fluke in the history of sport


6 changes from the weekend including a completely changed back four. Arguably stronger too.


Mahrez is powder puff. Has had at least 15 dangerous possessions already and done fuck all bar a few step overs and then fall.


City will walk the League again



Scored with his chest, great piece of improvisation




2-0 Mahrez. Bout time for the cunt


Who assisted this goal?