The Official ex TFK Man City Supporter Thread


Powder puff. :confounded:

Thanks for pointing this out.




There’s no need for it.


After a good start to his City career, Gabriel Jesus has looked quite average.


I think the world cup has done for his confidence


The Manchester City fans gone to ground and leaving all the talking and hype to the scousers.


He’s gone mate.


Former poster @Rudi? Just reading back through some of the early posts on this thread. He was a huge Manchester City fan.


They’re all gone mate


@rudi was a nonce.


Don’t speak ill of the dead, guys.


They’ve DMed each other to stay off discussing it on the forum in case it affects the result.


A proper wrong ‘un


Could somebody please correct the grammatical error in the thread title?

It’s mildly irksome.


Confident @myboyblue?


i just want @Esteban_de_la_Sexfac back


Where’s KUUUUUUNNNNNN fanboy gone?


Manchester City fans just like their team kept their heads down and did their talking on the pitch. Scouser fans psyched themselves out.


Thinking of all the City fans here tonight. We did it guys.


Bernardo Silva broke a premier league record for distance covered*. Over 13km. Can’t bate desire

May not be a record