The Official ex TFK Man City Supporter Thread


Pep is the greatest modern club manager.


he always has his teams in great condition


in a league of his own.
no better man to spend half a billion euro.


He can certainly spend it far better than Jose, that’s for sure.


And Andy Villas Boas. Having the balls to spend money and spend it wisely is a skill very few managers have.


He must not have spent it wisely last season.


You’re a holy terror mate, I’ve never noticed such extreme insularity in anybody ever before.
Can you never give credit to anything you don’t support or have geographical allegiance to??


Just critiquing Boycott’s continuous bizarre logic and double standards.

Premier League 2017/18

Splendid to see Aguero score his 178th goal for the club, the one that finally beat Eric Brook’s record. And to do it in Naples, in the stadium made great by the one and only Diego. Sergio said he would be giving his shirt to his son, Diego’s grandson.

Kuuuuuuuuuuuuun :clap:


I’ll be making a official statement at the weekend.


Its in the bag already for Manchester City. Nobody could begrudge it to Pep, the way he has them playing. Next four games before the trip to Old Trafford are Leicester (a), Huddersfield (a), Southampton (h) and West Ham (h). I’d fully expect Manchester City to be going to Old Trafford chasing an EPL record 14th consecutive win.

The next four rounds of fixtures feature Woolwich v Spurs, Liverpool v Chelsea and Woolwich v Man U. The current lead of 8 points is going to increase in November.


When is this big statement? Weekend nearly over now.


There’s 6 hours and 20 minutes left in my location


Did you make that big official statement yet?



Well deserved lead for the Champions elect.


I am officially announcing that I am becoming a Manchester City supporter. They are a wonderful team and play magnificent football.


Can’t say fairer than that.


Congratulations. They are a magnificent fit for you.


This morning just keeps getting better.