The Official ex TFK Man City Supporter Thread


I was going to do it a few months ago, but I waited until yesterday to be sure. Now I know. This is a good thing.


You can’t be seen getting on a bandwagon too early.

A great lifestyle choice. City were always my second favorite team, they always played a lovely brand of football even when thry were shite which was most of the time.


Man City is more than a club, they encapsulate me as an individual, hugely successful


No question. City and the Nogra have basically taken over.


The similarities are striking. A Club who came through tough times, but were always a very friendly and well regarded institution, even in their darkest days. But now they have found the success they are truly deserving of, everybody is delighted for them and wishing them even greater success.

Apart from a few narrow minded begrudging assholes who will never see a days joy in their lives.


And the red half of Manchester of course.


I was watching a few youtube videos to get up to speed with out history, jesus that Paul Dickov goal in 99 was something else


The most earth shattering goal in football that week.


Your new team has contributed some of the greatest English outfield players in history, Colin Bell and Franny Lee to mention just two, and the best goalie in English history.


Aguero’s goal against QPR was the greatest moment in premiership history


Same thing.


I disagree


from what I can see, Manchester United fans come from London, Ireland and asia, I doubt many true Manchester people support them, City is the proper club of Manchester


You’ve got this one nailed already mate. Welcome to Manchester.



@myboyblue, any predictions as to when this will be officially wrapped up? The lead is out to 16 points after today’s win. Just looking at the fixture list there, I see the noisy neighbours from Old Trafford are the visitors in the 6th last game of the season. I’m predicting that will be the day the league is won.


I’d like to keep a little hope in the united fans hearts for a little longer, but they simply can’t stop from winning sadly.


Pep is a fraud.


Thank you Pep


I’ve never heard of him until now but fair play to Rob Harris


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