The Official Sky Sports 1 Rovers V Real Thread

Ripper atmosphere by the looks of it.

Frank in the studio, what a luminary.

There’s something not quite right with Frank in my opinion.

Sod looks great. Ronaldo looks at home in the warm up.

Some player in his day. Barry Murphy has a lot to answer for, hard to take him seriously after what he done to him.

I’m worried what shan will do when he see Ronaldo.

Sky doing a great job of selling Tallaghtfornia here. I can see a few Spaniards inquiring about villas out there after this game.

Sky Sports reporter:

‘Wonderful stadium’.

‘Magnificent setting’.

Couple of Crokes tops in the crowd :smiley:

The stadium is not in the sligtest bit “atmospheric”, there really are some seriously retarded people on Sky. I’ll give you a clue bud, it has one stand, is open to the elements, and is practically up the fucking mountains


But Sky Sports said so, Sledge.

Rovers having to change kit at last min, shambolic stuff. Real obviously trying to unsettle Rover.

“It’s all coming to the fore”. What’s coming to the fore, Frank, you fucking prick?

Rovers 2-0 Real Madrid
Twigg '41, '75

Good to see so many Dublin GAA paraphrenalia in the crowd.

Anyone got a link to a decent stream of this?

WTF, where is Twigg?!

On the bench. Strength in depth of Rovers.