The Official Superhero Movie Thread


Sorry I meant the trailer.


This is a very good trailer that would actually give you hope for the DCEU but for the fact that everything they’re done recently is an absolute clusterfuck. Fully expect the movie to be total garbage.


DC need to remove Zack Snyder ASAP.


The report from yesterday saying that the Batman movie is being rewritten from scratch is a laugh. Total panic stations. They should just leave it be for 10 years and let Kevin Feige take over when he’s done with the MCU.


Gotta love the wonder woman theme though. It was the only decent part of Batman vs Superman when it kicked in and she joined the fray…


Probably the wrong thread but has anyone seen "The Night Watchmen " cc @myboyblue

Is it worth a go?


Never watched



Really looking forward to this…tried to upload it(last night)to the thread but to no avail…haven’t a clue. Anyhoo,really looking forward to Guardian’s2 and Spiderman homecoming.


That looks bad.


Don’t look at it then


I’d watch Gal Godot take a dump so bad and all as this looks I’m looking forward to it.


I won’t, pal.


+1, she’s unreal.



Only seeing this now. Excellent show. reminded me of Terminator 2 quite a bit.


We know each other, he’s a friend from work



Shit just got real

cc @ironmoth


Watched Logan last night, and looking forward to this one next. Any use?


Looks batshit crazy.

Logan is beautiful.