The Official Superhero Movie Thread


Just finished Legion.

Fairly out there. Pretty good in parts, kinda drawn out elsewhere. It’s a solid enough start, hoping it grows into something bigger and better.


Tickets booked for Friday. Early reports are very encouraging.


Watched Logan last night… Unrale. Shame the previous were not at the same level but a great ending to the story.


GOTG2 has FOUR post credit scenes. So get comfy once the credits roll.


Ah jaysus


Guardians 2 is pretty good. Has its flaws but is a good coherent story with some nice emotion to it. Pushing 8/10 Territory. The humour is a mixed bag. Some very funny, some falls flat.

There is actually 5 scenes after the movie ends. One is before the credits even roll. Won’t get into any specifics but couple of decent reveals in the post credits for future movies as usual.

It’s all very self contained, very little connections in this to the broader MCU. I think that will probably come in Thor.


Really enjoyed it myself,Drax is brilliant for the one liners think he steals the show really.


Didn’t think it was great. The first one had a lightness and a sense of humour that was refreshing in the genre, in this one the humour falls flat by and large and the emotional stuff was cringy and forced even by superhero movies. 5/10 movie. Kurt Russell was excellent in it though.

Also the post-movie credit scenes aren’t really worth waiting around for, except for the first one.


Full movie there for anyone who wants it. Watch it on a phone or laptop though.


Agree with a lot of that. Saw it last night, seemed more like a bunch of set pieces stitched together than a movie driven by the plot in any way. Still enjoyable but felt like a stop gap before they can stitch it into the rest of the marvel universe somehow. A lot of the humour was still good though, Drax stole the show.


Abhorrent piracy, shame on you.


Does it work?


It does


Scott Glenn :clap:


Iron Fist season 1 is on Netflix. It’s alright.


Finished it last week tis ok.

Luke Cage is picking up a bit after episode three.


Iron Fist is pants


Is pants good or bad?


Pants is like the opposite of fleek


Is Fleek good or bad?