The Official Superhero Movie Thread


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Joss Whedon Replacing Zack Snyder as Justice League Director after “Family Tragedy”.
[family tragedy = apparently Snyder’s daughter committed suicide back in March. Brutal.]

Horrible circumstances aside…

Joss Whedon in charge of Justice League!?! YES!


Said ages ago they needed to ditch Snyder. They couldn’t have done any better than whedon to sort out the mess Snyder made.


Have you seen Wonder Woman yet? All reports seem to suggest its outstanding. Whether they’re judging it by previous DC output I’m not so sure, but its good to hear nonetheless.

Horrible circumstances, Snyders co producer is his now wife (the daughter who committed suicide is from a previous relationship). They tried to throw themselves into their work, but apparently it just didn’t work.

I’ve heard Whedon will simply be cutting the movie, if he’s given shit, there’s not much he’ll be able to do with it going on previous such endeavours in the industry. I have a good feeling about Justice League nonetheless.


Yeah Wonder Woman meant to be very good. Which would be a nice turn of events.
But I’ll believe it when I see it.

The reshoots of JL haven’t happened yet. Hopefully he has SOMETHING to work with and he can amend with reshoots to make work better. In a perfect world Joss becomes the Kevin Feige of the DC side. God knows, he has plenty of experience spanning decades of writing, directing and producing.


So since I created this thread 3 years ago there has been a dozen Superhero movies brought out by Marvel, Fox and Warner Brothers. This is how I rank them.

  1. Logan
  2. Captain America: Civil War
  3. X-Men: Apocalypse
  4. Deadpool
  5. Wonder Woman
  6. Avengers: Age of Ultron
  7. Guardians of the Galaxy vol.2
  8. Ant-Man
  9. Batman v Superman[Extended DVD Version]
  10. Dr. Strange
  11. Suicide Squad
  12. Fantastic 4

The newest entry to the list is Wonder Woman which I’m delighted to report is a really good movie. Good story, well put together. I really enjoyed it. Hopefully DC have turned a corner now. This coupled with Joss Whedon doing Justice League makes the DC world much more exciting.

When I created the list it actually surprised me how few of the Marvel Studio movies get into my higher rankings. That’s more of a commentary on the “Golden Age” of Superhero movies that we’re experiencing right now. The thing is there are only really two very bad movies in the list. Dr. Strange isn’t a bad movie, I just found it a bit of a generic, middle of the road origin story. I gave it 6.5/10 at the time and I think that is fair. All the ones above it are around 7/10 or better.

Coming up in the next year:
• Spiderman Homecoming – July
• Thor: Ragnorok – November
• Justice League - November
• Black Panther – February
• The Flash – March
• Avengers: Infinity War – May

Of those I’m most looking forward to Avengers, obviously. It’s the culmination of a decade of Marvel movies and it must be the biggest crossover event in Movie history. Outside of that Thor and Justice League are the two bigger hitters so November is something to look forward to. I’m not hugely enthused by Spiderman but hopefully I’ll be pleasantly surprised.


Just out of Wonder Woman really enjoyed it,Gal Gadot is savage.


Looking forward to this. Load of crackkkas getting beaten up in the trailer. :clap:


Watch the basketball you tool, it’s better than an old time Munster final. Crowd getting into it.


At work mate, can’t watch it.


Kylie Irving putting on a show. Curry who?


Watched the green lantern last night. Hadn’t seen it before. Thought it deserved more than a 5.1 rating in fairness.


Spiderman is a good solid effort. Well written story, quality performances. Keaton is very good. Tiny bit CGI heavy but they’re all a bit like that these days.

I’d place it just behind Age of Ultron and ahead of Guardians v2.

There is an absolute belter of a post credit scene at the very end of the credits. A wonderful setup for one of the upcoming movies. Do not miss it.


Seeing it this Sunday. Hope its better than Age of Ultron.

Saw ‘Wonder Woman’ - loved the first hour, then it became a pretty generic war movie and was fairly forgettable. One of the better super-hero movies out there though tbf.


Gal Gadot makes it very watchable. She would fuck you right up mate.


Can’t beat the Jewish women

Cc @mickee321


Spiderman is great craic.