The Official Superhero Movie Thread


Spiderman was decent. 7.5/10



Coming this Friday…


Don’t waste your time with The Defenders. It’s embarrassingly bad.

I think I’m done with the Marvel Netflix stuff, it has been on a sliding scale of garbage since the end of the first series of Daredevil. I had hoped that this would get things back on track. It did not.

I might watch The Punisher if it gets good reviews but the rest of them are slow, boring, simplistic, repetitive bullshit.


Luke Cage any good?

Did you bother watching The Preacher? Not superhero obviously but the second season is pretty good.


Luke Cage was OK. Not terrible. That’s about the bar. Infinitely better than Iron Fist.

I watched the first few episodes of Preacher. It didn’t really do anything for me.


I never really watched any of them, just didn’t catch my attention. Agent Carter was badly treated.


Joker origin movie being worked upon by, wait for it, Todd Phillips and Martin fucking Scorsese. All they need to do is find the cast, and simply hand them The Killing Joke and its nailed. Although its unlikely the 2016 version of it will be matched. A dark motherfucker of a film.


The newest Punisher trailer is a thing of beauty.


Have they finally made one of these worth watching?


The first Daredevil was good. Been on a downward spiral since then.


The Punisher is a poor character. There hasn’t been a good one since Agent Carter.


Punisher in the comics is a hyper aggressive borderline sociopath vigilante. Villains are terrified of him and superheroes are very wary of him. There is potential here to do something really good. But there always is potential and it’s potential that Netflix have overwhelmingly squandered recently.



Momoa’s Aquaman looks like he will be a right annoying cunt.

Black Panther looks unrale.


Saw thor ragnarok last night. Its very funny if a little light on compelling storyline.


Just back from Thor. The problem with the story is that it’s very open ended and short on resolution. With the main event of the MCU around the corner it makes sense to create some storylines to feed it but it comes at the detriment of this movie. I could give it anything from 4->7 depending on my humour and how cynical I want to be. The humour in the movie was very hit and miss. More miss than hit I’d say. I’ll give it a charitable 6/10. It’s a mile wide and an inch deep.


Thor - super silly and fairly entertaining.


So there has been a few releases in the last few weeks.

Thor Ragnorok: I had a bit of time to kill one day and went and had a second look. I preferred it the second time. It’s good, nothing amazing. Middle of the road. In line with Guardians 2.
Infinity War trailer should be out in two weeks. Can’t wait.

Justice League: I think I liked this more than most. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a bit of a mess and it has obviously been edited and re-shot heavily and as a result it’s pretty uneven. But it’s easily better than Suicide Squad and BvS, Also the villain and his master plan are pretty tame. the main characters are very good and there is plenty to work with there in the future. I think I’d compare it to Age of Ultron. A little bit overstuffed with things going on that are put in there to build out the bigger cinematic universe.
But overall, characters were good. Wonder Woman is the star, Aquaman and Flash were scene stealers. Cyborg might be the weakest of them but he still had a decent story arc. Two post credit scenes. One comedy, one building for the future. Both very good. Interesting to see where they take it next. Rumours of Robert Zemekis doing a Flashpoint movie sound cool. Apparently Joss Whedon has been shown the door after his personal life details went public. So no Batgirl movie from him.

Punisher: I really enjoyed this. It’s easily the best of the Marvel Netflix series. Good characters, good story. Action sequences can be a bit over the top at times but nothing that really takes away from the story, which is totally self-contained and not linked to any other series. Recommended.

Elsewhere, I’m enjoying The Gifted so far.