The Official Superhero Movie Thread




This is the big one!!


Bumping the giddy thread doesn’t even cut it.

I’m so giddy I don’t know whether to laugh, cry or vomit.


That last scene. Perfect.


What a list of characters btw.


Chris Evans
Josh Brolin
Bradley Cooper
Tom Hiddleston
Jeremy Renner
Benicio Del Toro
Vin Diesel
And our own Tom Vaughan-Lawlor


Probably a few others thrown in there too. Between flashbacks etc…
Peter Dinklege
Zoe Saldana
Jeff Goldblum
Evangeline Lilly
Samuel L Jackson
Brie Larson
Glenn Close
John C. Reilly
Anthony Hopkins
Tilda Swinton
Rachel McAdams
Kate Blanchett
Marissa Tomei
Tessa Thompson
Gwyneth Paltrow
Hayley Atwell

I’m surely forgetting some too. It’s a ridiculous lineup.

The directors mentioned something like 60 characters they were looking to fit into the next two Avengers movies which were filmed back to back.



It seemed like crazy money at the time but Disney got some bargain on Marvel really.


And Star wars,the money to be made is insane.


The last Avengers movie, Civil War, made $180M in its opening weekend, before eventually stopping at €408M domestic, and total Worldwide Box Office of $1.1B

4B looks a bargain alright.


Last avengers movie was Age of Ultron. Made 1.4B. Civil War was Captain America.




Disney are buying Fox TV and Movie Studios.

That means if it happens, and it’s expected to be confirmed on Thursday, all X-Men characters and Fantastic 4 characters will be available to use in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Spectacular news for the genre.

Disney will now own essentially all of Marvel, Star Wars and Avatar. That’s about 20 x $1 Billion+ movies in the next decade in the bank. Disney are also looking to start their own streaming service.

I can just see the final post-credit scene of Avengers 4 being Silver Surfer overlooking the carnage that has just unfolded. It opens up so many possibilities. Throws the current slate of planned X-Men movies into doubt.


What’d he do?



That’s one bitter beatch


Couple of small things.

  1. Logan gets an Oscar nomination for best adapted screenplay. Which is a big acknowledgement within the genre.

  2. The current season of Agents of Shield is bananas. Brilliantly bananas. Like Days of Future Past in reverse, topwise.


I didn’t realize AOS was back :eek:


Super silly