The Official TFK Farming Thread - Keeping the country going

Many people round our way only do the one cut.

We used to just do one cut of hay. “The hay saved and Cork bate as the auld saying went”. Neither done so far this year :frowning:


The wife was telling me about a neighbour of hers who loses his nerve every year while waiting for the hay to dry and never makes good stuff, she fully expects him to panic by Wednesday, is this common practice? Is hay for the gambling type? She also mentioned that I’d probably make great hay sometimes because I’d have forgotten I cut it at all.

Your wife is spot on. It’s a waiting game - hay in particular. Many is the poor farmer who has been fucked over by Gerald Fleming’s predictions.

I might as well confess that I’m somewhat of a pretend farmer myself, I enjoy a bit of occasional labour with the father in law in the summer and I’m often entrusted with the vital job (so I’ve been told anyway) of ‘standing in a gap’, can I join the group?



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Post up a few photos of your next agricultural expedition and your membership will be considered. Us farming types are very welcoming

Cc @KinvarasPassion


No way,standing in a gap wont cut it.Id suggest that you would have at least have driven a tractor or pulled a calf.

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sounds like you’d be handy with a long stand

For the time of year thats in it.

Ive a skirting ladder that would be just as handy

I’m good with both of those, I even documented my calf delivering experiences back here some months ago, ye’re having yere fun now lads but this pretend farming lark is serious business as ye all know.

By choice or necessity? What drawback would there be to cutting it twice? May not have the need for it?

A mixture I suppose. Most people out home only doing part time farming these days. My uncle and another fella down the road the only two doing a pit of silage in a two mile radius I’d say. Everyone else doing round bales.

My father had a surplus this year. Gave most of it to A fella who was under pressure for fodder and had been through hard times. Said the same fella would do the same if the shoe was on the other foot. Father still has square bales and round bales of silage for the winter from last year. He’s not sure if he’s going cutting anything


How many cows have you now 150

Price has to come it at well. Not cheap having them.lads more then a couple of days a year

Tradition and or cost.

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I’d say a lad would be lucky to have change out of 10/15k depending on what needed to be cut

That expensive? Fkn hell. How many ac would you get cut for 10k

You would want to have your ducks in a row, it is easy see why lads can get into trouble. 120 odd per acre plus VAT to make pit silage


Would you have to cover it yourself and all for that price?