The Official TFK Farming Thread - Keeping the country going

Depends on the contactor but some would give a bit of help. 3/400 for plastic then on top depending on the pit.
Bales work out even dearer

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Lads round our way don’t always get a crew in. Neighbours would have machinery and do it. You’d work the pit at their silage, or draw in bales or silage for them. There’d be a bit of barter and healthy discounts depending on what was up for exchange

The spirit of Meitheal lives on in North Tipp, :tractor:

Somebody translate this thread for suave, sophisticated and urban(e) posters or it’s being dungeoned.


Could you make a few bob on the side with 35 acres and no sheds etc for cattle, ie buy a few store cattle, fatten them and sell them off again. It depends on the price they make I know but in general let’s say ?

I’ve no idea what silage is

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We don’t have any.

This thread is box office. City boys like @backinatracksuit & @ChocolateMice are hanging around cos they know it’s box office

These are incredible pictures.

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There’s a few lads here who are living in Dooradoyle, South Circular Road (Limerick), another who used to have an uncle that lived in County Limerick and a very fat lad that lives in a basement bedsit in Peckham, they’re the future of farming in this country.
I’m a good man to stand in a gap which makes me at least their equal,
Farming is cool though, this thread really can be box office.

I paid 95 including VAT. Diesel has gone down a lot in cost over the past few years


Would there be many contractors in Limerick city’s more miserable suburbs mate?

Go way lads ffs… The bog is where it’s at. We’d often have a nip of potin in the morning and we’d be motoring from the energy it would give you. I’d often have three cuts still flying in the air by the time I’d have the slean in the ground for the fourth such was the pace we’d be going at… I’d send Bird off to the wife then to get the tae and sandwiches around 11 while myself and Tadgh would foot what we’d cut that morn. Great days.

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Anybody else watching ear to the ground, poor enough tonight, very little proper farming talk

Fuck ear to the ground. Go watch the quiet man. That’ll get you in

I love farming. It’s the most liberated profession a man can get. Completely dependent and reliant on yourself and how you go about thriving your farm. Farmers are very lucky to be born into it and the great benefits of the healthy lifestyle. Fair play to you hard working farmers

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did you prefer footing or bagging?

Does picking strawberries qualify for this thread?

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You’re a disgrace to whatever profession you choose, these lads will be embarrassed to have you in their gang.

Footing, always … I’d send Tadgh and The Bird up to bag it in the evening and they’d be ate by midges and horseflies and everything else


If you don’t love farming you have an elemental imbalance. You should go and get that checked out.