The Official TFK Farming Thread - Planet Killing Cunts

The Americans would only be over hunting them on him anyway

By god @KinvarasPassion, how high did you used to pull your pants up at all?


cc @The_Selfish_Giant

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Reminds me of a farmer who did likewise in Laois, but had a sign further up the road warning about ‘cautious cows’.

Difficult one there, you’de have to feel for both of them. In the the end though I would have to side with the biker on this one.

RIP Mountrath Mart.

I’m here watching nationwide and they are looking at a load of rare sheep, cattle etc. Do they taste much different I wonder :plate_with_cutlery: Can I get a rare beef rare please

Some Paddy from Cork on the radio yesterday. He’s got 82 acres of medicinal cannabis growing somewhere in California… Ref: @labane1917.

The crop turns over every 9/10 weeks. Security vitally important he says.
Making a mint anyway, speaking of a future of staggering multiples of millions.

Better bet than suckler cows or forestry even without the SFP…

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Even if you have a breakout into the ganja field, it may be no harm. The Limousins would be fierce docile after a few hours grazing there.


it will be something the Oirish Government will have to look into when what is left of the agricultural industry collapses after Brexit


I was in the car and heard him. He was as Cork as Cork could be, the very definition of Corkness. The years in Oakland and Northern California have not changed him.

His wildfire story was very twee, the presenter missed an open goal by not asking him about the downwind reaction to his product going up in smoke,

His subsequent catholic church story at the end was cut off pretty sharpish, cant be having weed named for the church.

I see farmers are looking to collectivise in their negotiations with the beef buyers. It’s about time, I’ve often wondered why they don’t start a co-op like they did with milk and buy and process their own meat and cut the middle man out altogether


Not farmer related, but rural related. I have a deer antler I picked up in Phoenix park a while back, and want to give it to someone in Spain.
Can these be sent or taken abroad, or would they have to go through some kind of check?

Have you tried shoving it up your hole?

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The father bought his first born grandchild a Bullock today in Nenagh



Your father is a great man to build a stone wall.