The Official TFK Farming Thread - Rural Lives Matter


The Galway lads biggest job of the year is to meet the postman to get the disadvantaged area cheque off of him.
Us lads in the golden vale are too busy this week doing a bit of proper farming. Some lads on here have upwards of 30 acres of silage to harvest in the first cut. Sure the lads up west are by and large hobby farmers with a few acres and a few bales of silage would keep them foddered for 6 months.


Mighty post.


They’re not making women like that anymore. The current generation of twenty something’s women are mostly useless at those sort of house chores.


were your family soup takers?

owning a farm 150 years ago at the behest at the brits


You’re a busy fool bradley… You’ve taken the romance out of it


30 acres? Treble that number of an average 1st cut figure around South Tipperary.


And he looked at me, and he said, “Fetch a priest.” Fetch a priest… And I said, “Let’s - let’s bring the hay in first. Let’s bring the hay in first.” My father looked at me with tears of pride in his eyes. He knew I’d take care of the land


I must admit, your lack of comprehension on the subject of Irish history is overwhelming at times.


The likes of @Ambrose_McNulty and @KinvarasPassion are a part of a long and communal history. They are the sum of all farmers that came before them and all that will come after.


The likes of @Ambrose_McNulty and @KinvarasPassion are a part of a long and communal history.
So are the fucking travelers.


A group that you are well acquainted with I’d say.


78 acres of the best the Golden Vale has to offer… we haven’t time to be admiring it and taking photos ffs sake, too busy preparing for the third cut :ok_hand:


Lads ye are some dopes. Do ye not see where @KinvarasPassion “farms”? All he did was buy a few rolls of grass at the garden centre and lay it down over the 6 acres of rocks he owns.


I was just driving through the surrey hills, there savage farming going on


Still not as good as the Charolais one or was it Limousins?


My grandfather pulled the sketeton of an Irish Elk out of the bog in Caherline.


No. they just get on with it, no time for poetry.


Well said


A few lads might reach “admired poster” status from this thread.


After doing a serious bit of fencing down the fields this morning. Worked up a nice sweat driving stakes with the sledgehammer and crowbar on the rock hard ground.

Going to have a quick look at the Farmers Journal now before the dinner.