The Official TFK Farming Thread - Rural Lives Matter


I’m going to have to buy a farm to keep up.


You’d have gotten 17 likes if you posted that 2 days ago. The modern farmers are bored of this thread already


All well and good but I wasn’t fencing down the field two days ago.


That’s irrelevant mate. @KinvarasPassion is racking up the likes for throwing up pictures after cutting his garden and @carryharry is stealing pictures of cattle crushes off the internet. Throw up a pic of a paling post there, that should help the e-likes get rolling. Or better yet a flask of tae, standing on top of a paling post.


I’m expecting an avalanche of likes if I can get the stick and the gap in the same photo with a lovely jersey cow.


I’ve an image of you out on the SCR dressed in tweed standing in between the pillars of the front gate with your swooshing stick shouting at the missus, “make sure you get the stick now”


I’ll give you 5 likes myself if you get a video up with the swooshy sound


I’ve spotted a good gap anyway.


I lived in the second last gaff for two years


I must remember to watch out for a lad in spotless runners in Fennessey’s


I only thought afterwards as well that those apartments were the site of a big mart back in the day, am I right about that? Was it Fitts or something?


Got it in one.


Opened the slats today. Will need to add a bit of water to make good soup I fear.


Serious bit of agitating ahead of you there. Shoulders will be pult out of you moving that around.


Do you think he will be doing it by hand or something?


A grand bit of turf


What in the nameajayses did you feed them over the winter.


You ever use an agitator?



You badly want a manhole slat. Cut out that fucking around.