The Official TFK Farming Thread - Rural Lives Matter


I saw a farm today


I’d say that hasn’t been touched in years. Probably a few dead animals down there


Calling @Rintintin are you still alive mate? No breeze today… So i assume you died taking that photo


That’s very twee but brilliant all the same


The last of it…


Perfect condition.


A great wilt.






Do you know him?


The manhole Slat is a 5foot slat ours are the old 4fts. And he has cubicles siitting on top of one side of some of the slats so can’t budge them up to make it fit. Tbh Two of us with the front loader and 3 2.5" pipes and we get them out in about 15-20 mins. Gives us plenty time for talking shite…literally.


A fine breeze the Midwest mate. Both sides of the shed open up so plenty ventilation.q


I might.


Ha. I won’t tell him what a cunt you are. :smile:


Right lads. One clear concise answer please. Regardless of farming enterprise.
What’s your all time favourite cow breed. I’m a big fan of the Hereford breed. Docile, easy to calve, easy on the eye too :heart_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.
The continentals are nice alright but a lot of them have major negatives. I.e. Limousine-mad, Belgian blue- nightmare to calf etc.
My second favourite would be a nice Angus, and in third would be a British Fresian.
Least favourite would be a Holstian Friesian,


Continentals are all nuts, but grade far better than the native breeds of Angus and Hereford. For beef farming it would be difficult to make a living with Angus and Hereford breeds alone.

Limousin all the way.


Whatever goes in a mightymac burger


the Jersey is the best looker. The brown swiss produces the best milk.


Yeah if we were talking margins and stuff you couldn’ t go past a limousine or Blonde Aquitaine or something like that. I just love the Herefords though.
If my numbers come up in the lotto I’d buy a rake of pedigree heifers and build up an award winning herd.


Is your brother in dairy or beef?