The Official TFK Farming Thread - Rural Lives Matter


Not really, most of us would have the good sense not to get into a field with a fucking bull, of any breed.


I’ll tell him.


John Deere no less. Very fancy


Really? How would that work? If you are a farmer.


Ah they’re only a green zetor in reality.:wink:


Townie son in law (preferably carkie)


Nightmare stuff. Those fellas would make dust of you in no time. I saw our fella dismantle a lovely fense and a few spruce trees when we separated a few cows from him recently.

Never turn your back. Always hold a weapon.


The swooshing sticks aren’t just for show


I’d love to know how he’d work this one.


I dunno, the worst I ever got was from a cow after calving, nearly killed three of us in one foul swoop. I guess that you are usually on your guard around the bull but you tend to drop it around the cows, particularly after a tough calving and you are trying to revive the hoor of a calf. Friesian Bulls are hoors though, I wouldn’t trust them an inch.
Favourite would have to be the Herefords for docility, though the Montbelliards can be crackers. The best beef cross I ever saw on a consistency base was Monty X Charollais. The calves were absolute crackers, every year. The cows would fire them out at calving and they had buckets of milk.


Post of the year so far. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
Did I mention that I loves the Herefords.


Boggers trying to out bog each other :joy:

cc @Bandage


Charolais,a grand breed.


The Mulliance’s greatest victory has been to turn this into a culchie forum


Like after every revolution, the next generation have made a balls of it — They’ve gone full mode bogger thinking that this was what their father’s fought for… I look forward to the pendulum swinging back towards the centre of bog\urban



Listen young lad, go away to a townie forum
and tell them tall tales about the time you got into a pushing and shoving match with another spotty adolescent young softie outside the local chip shop.
The men on here will discuss handling 600kg of bovine rage, real life stuff and only stuff for real life men.


What will you do when the men post that stuff, give them likes? You couldn’t handle two old spinsters - let alone a bullock — I’d say you’d even do well to make the swooshing sound that @backinatracksuit does.


There you go again recycling other people’s old jokes.


Does anyone here carry any Irish breeds of cattle. The three I’m aware of are the Irish moiled, Dexter (miniature’s) & the Kerry cow.