The Official TFK Farming Thread - Rural Lives Matter


My favourite milk comes from British Fresians Holsteins and Hereford.


Was chatting to the girls while blazing earlier.


Perfect company for it


I see you’re surrounded by those horrible cunts of wind turbines. Eyesores.


We need rain by the weekend.


You’ll have it Wednesday


I know a college buddy up north who breeds Irish moiled, niche interest by the sounds of it. I have only met one or two Kerry Cows (the 4 legged type) on my travels. Ear to the ground did a segment some time back about a lassie in Dundrum who was farming the Dexter (had a couple of hundred of them afair).


Lots of it. :rowing_man:


The winter stuff is after flying in lads.



Tell us about your day picking stones. The most manly job on the planet. Don’t spare us any details.


There’s a great feeling of satisficstion after. There was work done today.


I met a fella yesterday and he told me he cut winter barley @ 11%.
That’s some satisfaction. Straight to to merchants and top price.


That and shearing sheep. The two toughest jobs I put down. Give me the bog any day!


You’re full of sh1t


11% :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:


So he told me. I’d be a million miles away from cereals. I thought myself it’s very low. Would that be right


He sold you a pup there. :dog:


Maybe. I’d always be slagging him that he has it easy and I’m a mug for working in a proper job. Maybe he’s just winding me back up.


I’d start a rumour about the lying prick after the mess he has landed you in here.


3% out. Not too wrong.