The Official TFK Farming Thread - Rural Lives Matter




In agri terms you were over a 100 miles out.


Meh. You thought you’d have a laugh at my expense, it backfired. Move along now.


At 11% most farmers would be facing a penalty.




Round bales can be deadly dangerous.


The EU will have is back making shquare bales if they catch wind of this.

Health & Safety gone mad.



The dinner was fairly wolfed down this evening.


Fucking fly tippers have made a hames of the place mate.


Neatest fly tippers I’ve ever seen


Bagging? :tired_face: That’s hardship right there. The back would be in some state after that. Thank fuck we can drive right in with the jeep and trailer.



With the advances in science farming will be obsolete in 2025. Can you arrange for this thread to be shut then




Huh? Better quality vegetables are grown in labs than in farms. Cattle farming should be stopped immediately due to the negative affect on the environment and as meat can now be grown in labs people will stop killing cows for food very soon


How many tons of beef are eaten worldwide each year today? Do you have any conception how long it will take to replace that? Think electric cars.


Yes mate,that’s why I put an exact date on it


What is your exact date pal?




That’s done now. Good thinking.