The Official TFK Farming Thread - Rural Lives Matter


I find it difficult to believe that sheep farming on the side of a mountain might be unviable



and people complain about tinkers

topped off by some dumb cunt filming it with their phone vertical
fuckers should be taken out of the gene pool


It’s harmless shite. Let them off.




The oul fella brought the dowry with him. :+1:


Was best man at a wedding this week. Was really hoping we went up to the bride’s parents place for photos after mass that there’d be a few snaps taken in her father’s old HyMac


How did the speech go mate?


Had my first one of these this week. Short and sweet, well received though.


Went good mate. Had a few bullet points and went from there. Lots of random strangers stopped me afterwards to tell me I nailed it anyway


I was similarly accosted by a lot of drunken roasters.


They always say that mate :smiley: (but I’m sure in your case it was true)


This was a big roaster convention too. It was definitely in the top 2 wedding speeches I’ve ever made.


Oh yeah of course. I think I hit the spot alright. Would give it 4.5/5.


I heard you nailed it, mate.


Your story about a previous stag and the lad ending up in hospital was hilarious.



I fancy burger king for lunch today


Washed down with a pint of milk?


With cheese x 2 .