The Official TFK Farming Thread - Rural Lives Matter


Great news lads.

The Slurry Spreading Ban has been lifted in Munster Areas :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:


Why is this great news and why was it banned in the first place?


And how! Just back from Newcastlewest and there was a stink on the back roads the whole way up (worse than usual).


Some amount of shite in transit today I’d say


2 healthy strong ewe lambs born with the gentle assistance of our local vet. Nothing stretches the hamstrings quite like holding a sheep whilst the vet is yanking the lambs out of her.


Well ware, pal.


Is it not early to be lambing?


You’d have to ask the Ram that, mate.




Definitely is alright. Just as well they are indoors in this weather.


@KinvarasPassion you made a fine job of her in the end mate


Pimp my Deere



What’s he farming? Rocks? Animal cruelty to put a cow out in that FFS


Shtop let ya - if we hadn’t the rock farming we’d never keep a roof over our mud huts


Joe has his head screwed on. About 40 cows keeping the wild grass and weeds ate off the Burren, and getting plenty grants to do it. A hero.


Lads like Joe are bringing European money into the heart of the Irish economy.


If you keep the horns short they can usually find something between the rocks


clean meat will be in the shops in 2021 fuckos