The Official TFK Farming Thread - Rural Lives Matter


That wild fig girl is new is she? Anything else you’d recommend there? I’m going to go in Saturday morning. I always buy a bag of apples from the apples fella, I’d usually buy some hummous off the women in the corner although I don’t like two of them, I’d buy eggs off Declan and maybe some bread, and if I’m in early enough I’ll get some fresh fish.


This fat one from Israel in 3/1 second fav to win it out. She’s dog rough so must have a cracking tune here.

Edit: Was meant for the Eurovision thread.


Wild fig is new alright, keep an eye out for her,
The Bsllyhoura mushrooms have massively expanded their range, not cheap but an incredible selection of mushrooms and mushroom products,
Sefik (Chef-ik) theturkish felladoes the best baklava in the world I’d say, if you like buns, banana bread or lemon drizzle check out the girl who sells outside the market by the watergate flats,
It’s a very good market right now though


She’ll get the gay vote


@balbec @Smark

Stop clogging this sacred thread with your weirdo sicko fantasies


I bought a lemon drizzle cake off her before, is she a heavy set girl? It would put me off though where she is located somehow. She is kind of out on her own out near some dodgy sorts selling dubious goods. She would do better inside the main area but it must be tough to get in there. I was in there last Saturday week and the husband and wife team who sell the breakfast rolls in the corner, they could not keep them pucked out fast enough. They are doing a serious trade there on a nice day. They must have really eaten into the fella from Nenaghs profits, cos his breakfast rolls are a few euro dearer albeit better quality.


What will be left for the snowflakes when real men have eaten all the lemon drizzle cake and baklava?


Overpriced breakfast rolls.


The country choice breakfast bap is still the ultimate hangover food.


The smell of fresh clay coupled with cooling limestone would set a roasters heart racing.


That’s lovely but them John deeres wouldn’t pull the cap off your head


You’ll build a Gaza strip there yet…


Is that your place. Nice pic


“It’s my child. I nursed it. I nourished it. I saw to its every want. I dug the rocks out of it with my bare hands and I made a living thing of it!”




Doing a grand smart job. :+1:


Tis no Carrigthomond


Sure that’s An Carraig Thuaidh Mumhan in the background there…


I suppose there’s Bluetooth, air conditioning and heated seats in thon baste. None aw that in my young day. Would you even have to get offa her to open a gate, or would you footer at the latch with the front wheel?
I don’t recall gerard manly hopping sayin’ nothin’ about no power steering


Are you having a stroke?