The Official TFK Farming Thread - Rural Lives Matter


FAO of @The_Selfish_Giant



This always gives me a giggle.


Lah Di Dah…


Slats? Sure the animals sleep inside in the mud wall cabin with him.



Ah ffs you’re bett

No forget it. You’re not.


Make hay while the sun shines :ronnyroar:


It’s all go.


McHale Mower? :thinking:




Summer always confirms my impression of farmers having it handy. Lounge around all day in the sun and then when it cools around 7pm do a bit work for a few hours. Ye’re convincing no-one.


Sure that heat would kill you. You’d get a power of grant cheques processed in the cool evenings.


Get up at 8, drive a tractor along the main road for a while to annoy fellas rushing to work.

Go down to the creamery and talk shite for a few hours. Go home and apply for a few grants and ate the dinner. Stand out on the road for an hour and talk shite to anyone passing.

Back onto the main road with the tractor at 5 to annoy people coming home from work. Have the tae. Head down for a few pints of porter and complain about the lack of rain and the poor prices at mart.


Sounds like a lovely salt of the earth type fella.


Love the sweet smell around the countryside in Co Limerick. I have the misfortune to have had to migrate to Dublin for work, but back every few weeks for the job, and love this time of the year.
As it rains so much here, how come farmers are in trouble when it doesn’t rain for a few weeks? How do farmers in south of Spain/Italy manage? I know it’s a different type of farming, but maybe the north of Spain might be closer to Ireland in terms of farming?


@TreatyStones is still seething that he never graduated from the child seat.



Olive trees don’t need as much water as forty charolais that are mad for running.


From that rant you’ve actually demonstrated the amount of people that one farmer keeps employed through his hard labour. Creamery staff, Department of Agriculture officials and publicans. A vast network of employment.


Keeps them all employed even though he hasn’t a bob


Look at them as his carers.