The Official TFK Farming Thread - Rural Lives Matter


We have a utilitarian mindset.


You would have loved the Soviet Union I’d say


Jaysus, he’s grown, hasn’t he?


Migration day here in Leitrim as Mamma Swan and cygnets shuffle the half-mile to a different lake for the rest of the summer. I don’t know why this happens but it’s an annual event this time of year.
She out-fought the bastard of a mink who was bothering them for 2/3 days. A tough oul’ bird.


Hadn’t realised how territorial swans were until recently, she’ll mind them like gold for a few months before fucking them out and never letting them back to her patch for fear they’ll get too big for their boots and move the old doll in, fascinating.


Never ceases to amaze me, the way you’ll butt in on a thread with five or six lines of raimèis.


It’s less surprising to me that you comment on it every single time though, you really shouldn’t worry yourself when you know what I’m like, what do you expect from a pug but a grunt and all that


A bark surely ?


Also. What it with you and dogs


I’d ate that.


Ah yes, can I edit it now??? :grinning:
I have a fascinating anecdote about a pug but it’s an urban pug so I’ll give Amber’s blood pressure a break


Isn’t she the lucky girl that @balbec is still away from Ireland.


Teed it up nicely for you but kudos for the crisp finish.


Swans migrating on foot and cattle migrating in water


I seen that on Countryfile a few months back.Great stuff.


@TreatyStones a new low, fuck em into a field and when they get hungry enough they’ll swim across to an island




Your turn to do the tipping?


Just moving a few to a bit of grass.The place is burnt,we could do with a good days rain.Grass is getting scarce.

The Weather Thread

If you’re short of rushes and dockens let me know