The Official TFK Farming Thread - Rural Lives Matter


The brothers could give me as many rushes as I can handle,dockens I have enough of.


Farming in a bog and complaining it’s too dry you couldn’t make it up :sweat_smile:


There’s no bog in north mid mid west limerick


There’s a Celtic Rap album cover to be made out of that. Straight Outta Shanagolden.


We’re in bother lads. Time for the Government to sort this out.


Our neighbour has a boithrin type lane up to their house with a stretch of grass on the side of the lane opposite to us. Went out the other morning and seen this big fucking beast of a bull staring at me from the patch of grass. If he decided there would be very little to stop him making a charge. He didn’t just escape and wander in there, he’s been there a couple of days now. There’s just a token bit of wire about waist height keeping him in. Doesn’t look like it’s electric although I’m not sure how I can tell. To summarise, are there such things as placid bulls cos this fucker is not well fenced in and could easily wander out on to the main road?
Yours etc
Uselss townie cunt in the sticks.


No such thing as a placid bull. They can sense fear too. The only thing i would say is they generally only attack once a year and that sates them. Just hope its one of the other neighbours I guess :man_shrugging:


That’s no joke, if it decided to have a go there’s a fair chance it’ll destroy you. Are you sure it’s a bull?


Pretty sure. It’s fucking huge, ring on it’s nose, no udder but has other “equipment”. The only reason I’m doubting it is one is because of where it is.


That’s a Guard Bull to keep townies away.


Feed him a few carrots,that’ll keep him quiet.Or a few sweets,bulls love hard candy.


You need to talk to the farmer, he may as well be leaving a loaded shotgun lying around. Lanes and neighbours are a curse, one wrong word and a generational feud is born.
He sounds like a right useless bollox.


Remember if a bull is chasing you to run in zig zags, play dead and make yourself as big as possible.


Bulls hate water so run towards water if you see any


If there’s no water around just piss yourself


Matador training. That’s the boyo


Thanks for all the advice but like any townie faced with a rural dilemna I will probably just stand still and shit myself.


Right, here’s the best way out of it.
Anonymously phone the cops. Tell them you witnessed a bull chasing two kids along the main road. Be fairly specific about the location.
It’s a miserable, cowardly way out, so you might want to get the missus to do it.


Grab it and you’ll find out.

Generally, bulls are placid enough when on their own. Its when they are with their harem that they are really dangerous. If you were to read case descriptions of bull attacks, usually they happen when the farmer is trying to separate the bull from the cows i.e at milking time etc.
Having said that you can never be 100% as it is a living breathing tonne of attitude behind the nose ring so always best beware.


Better to give the bull a wee squeeze. Just to be sure