The Official TFK Farming Thread - Rural Lives Matter


Texted the neighbour. The bull has a sore foot. He says it’s placid and he walks him around with a rope. I’ll just make sure to put the double lock on the front door. 12000 volt tape to keep him in too. Twas electric.


if you fix his foot he’ll be your best friend. Like Fernando, or is that Lions? Either way, get close and stick your thumb up it’s hole


Balls. Docile animals /petted animals are dangerous. A dog, a car horn, a kid. A stranger etc are all enough to get a reaction out of him.


Not electric enough to keep in a placid bull with a sore foot


@rocko ban this wanker pls.


I think the selfish giant is right about the oul farming, it has no future. Weather conditions that farmers can’t farm in and need government handouts according to the farmers in the last 7 or 8 months are sun, rain, wind and snow.


Imagine they had to farm in a country that actually got extremes of weather :sweat_smile:


The mother texted me there.

The aul lad is after driving over his phone with the tractor. Not on purpose I might add



Told ya get should never have changed that Nokia


He’s on the same Nokia for about five year Mike.
He’s never had anything but a Nokia

He probably reckons he can fix it now


Not such a shhhhmartphone now, is it?!


As any farmer worth his salt will tell you, it only takes one shock of d’electric fence to learn an animal to stay well clear of it. After that, any auld bit of wire will keep him in, until the next time he escapes.


Hello Bull


Did you have the flash on taking that?


Cunts can sense when it’s off though


How’s the golden vale holding up @Breaking_my_balls ? We’re starting to fry here on the westh coast.


You’ve the place destroyed with round up


We’ll be camel farming soon enough.


I’d say they’d be cunts to tag


Camel tastes lovely in a stew.