The Official TFK Farming Thread - Rural Lives Matter


Camel toe stew?


No. Just regular camel… That and goat. Had plenty of both when I was pretend travelling through Morocco.


Idiots watering paddocks in the middle of the day :smile:, Water has evaporated before hitting the ground. Tis serious now lads.


Or dose


Arable farming is tough


He’s a harmless looking fucker. There is no fear of you with him. Id know by the head on him.


It’s a well known fact that bulls are more scared of people than people are of them. Jump up on his back and show him who’s boss.


Trying to keep the dust down mate


Another week of this forecast for middle/late next week. Mon & Tuesday still in low 20’s.
:open_mouth: :open_mouth:


Nice fresh day up in Fingal today cc @The_Selfish_Giant. A temperate 21 compared to a sultry 26.5 in West Kildare. Beautiful and stress free day was had by the Hunt family in Malahide beach followed by a tasty bite at the wonderful Malahide Castle.


Any chance you could stick a Galway jersey on him for a photo op.


Sounds like bliss mate


Update Mike

The auld lad bought a new Nokia yesterday

The sister sent a photo of him onto me today
He’s after doing round bales and the heat was killing him. He took the scissors to an old shirt and cut the sleeves off.

Serious roaster levels


@codegreen is not to be trusted guys.


If was your house gone up I’d still ring for a fire brigade.


Burning be too good for ya


398 under pressure


What’s going on here. Why is that fucker talking about burning houses down?


A dangerous bastard


Is it a Protestant house ?