The Official TFK Farming Thread - Rural Lives Matter


Taking photos while on the bike is reckless


Sure there was a bunch of us pulled in to allow the bull pass.


The harvest has flown in lads, never seen anything like it.


What is the moisture deficit on the land in the Midwest region these days?


There’ll be no shortage in the Limerick region on Sunday week.


Maybe you should be a little clearer in what you’re trying to say here flatty.


They will be crying salt tears, in the words of the late great Sid Waddell.


Limerick birds will be wet as an otters pocket after watching the Dow march all over Galway


Slowly but surely it’s equalising.


Looking for a supermacs that’s still open?


The Dow never feared supermacs


Fuckin “sharleys”, maaan. D’auld fella bought a few of these earlier in the year and we had the whole bunch in yesterday for the first time. It was absolute pan-dee-monium. About halfway through, three broke for freedom in three completely different directions. The first fella went for the lawn in front of the house, shattering and scattering flowerpots and garden tables in all directions. We got him back easy enough. The second fella we managed to corner into a spot that should have meant a handy run back through an open gate into the field with the others. Should have - but no, instead he lined up another, closed gate into the same field, and to our astonishment jumped and cleared it, up a fucking hill and all. The last fella, a right specimen, went on a tour of the parish. It makes a fair mockery of all the years spent fencing fields and mending gaps when one of these bastards goes clane through 5 (five) fields to get back with the rest of the bunch. We spent a good 20 minutes just trying to actually find him until I suddenly noticed him tipping away across the field above the others, arse swaying like the Tacoma bridge. The sensible thing to do seemed to be to drive the rest out to him, which I did and it seemed we had the whole thing settled until in the corner of my eye I noticed, cartoon style, the same bullock sprinting across the next field over again, followed by my brother, followed by a herd of calves.

Have them back in again in a few weeks for a test. Should be mighty craic.


Yawn, fuckin amateur


Paragraphs are a great fucking thing


I’m reading Solar Bones at the moment based on @Fagan_ODowd’s recommendation. You’re lucky I’m even using full stops.


I’d have left the cunts in for the week.

We’ve 2 Limousin cows that I have begged the ould fella to sell but no…

Hed prefer to spend any spare time we have chasing the cunts and repairing walls after them.

I’ve even compiled a years worth of evidence in herdwatch for the pair of cunts but the answer will always be… ‘look out over the wall at the fine weanlings they dropped’.


How did that work out for you?


Does the ould fella have to sign off on your jobs in Herdwatch?


How did what?


You could have bought Gar a decent present instead of having to give him your belt.