The Official TFK Farming Thread - Rural Lives Matter


Was there no withdrawl?


Nothing would surprise me at this stage.


The hazard bonus with the Limousin grant is the best going.


Hazard bonus?!


The purer the bloodline the greater the hazard (grant)


New to me. There’s a premium on Angus cattle here and talk of one on shorthorn. No danger money though.


There was none to hand so we had to resort to conventional methods



She’s marrying a cow? To be fair he must be very smart to be able to write and very legibly as well.


The cow looks more valuable than the ring. A shrewd operator.


And flexible if he can write on his own side like that


You think he’d have clipped her tail for the occasion




The tag in her ear looks more expensive


The same meadow in County DERRY


Good show on TG4 now.


I’m surprised the 96 page Ploughing Supplement in this week’s Journal hasn’t been commented on yet.
Leaves all those AI Final productions from competing counties in the shade with their 30 pages of scutter/bluffing/profiles/anecdotes blah blah in the shade.
Site maps, times, traffic management advice… the complete package in fact. Excellent really.

And guess who’ll have a stand and looking forward to seeing friends and foes and maybe sharing a burger…


Shrude. Ffs sake kp.


Christ, that’s a quiet one… Hold onto her… the cow that is


That’s the last field finished. The auld fella had the cheek to ask me if I remembered to sow it before I rolled it. How I’ve never given that man a mouthful of bad language is nothing short of a miracle.