The Official TFK Farming Thread - Rural Lives Matter


Is cutting the “cailleach” still a thing?


That’s a new old one on me, had to look it up


Irish Rail services cancelled after train hits herd of cattle


Second time in the space of a few months.


And not a sign of a shtone


We decommissioned them when we signed up to the good Friday agreement


That looks like one of the best fields in Ireland. Winter barley?


Just for grazing - hasn’t been reseeded in 15 years and didn’t seem to bother it one bit


If you were only taking one cut of silage a year and kept the weeds in check, you’d get 30 years off Italian Ryegrass.


Now you tell me! One for next year!


The eye-taliiiian grass takes a lot of work and care to get established though. One bad weather issue can fuck up your sward early on and it’ll take several seasons to get right.


Silage will be cut today,


The Americans know what side their bread is buttered.


Land was sold in Laois the other day for €18,604 per acre. Holy fuck lads.


€22k an acre in Cashel area past month. Fucking mental shit


Thats insane. You’d do well to turn a profit from that from farming.


That’s not Coolmore though?


Don’t ever give us the poor mouth again @KinvarasPassion


@KinvarasPassion wouldn’t be raring anything as fancy as that.


Maybe if they did we wouldn’t have to subsidise the bastards