The Official TFK Farming Thread - Rural Lives Matter


The Americans would only be over hunting them on him anyway


By god @KinvarasPassion, how high did you used to pull your pants up at all?


cc @The_Selfish_Giant





Reminds me of a farmer who did likewise in Laois, but had a sign further up the road warning about ‘cautious cows’.


Difficult one there, you’de have to feel for both of them. In the the end though I would have to side with the biker on this one.


RIP Mountrath Mart.


I’m here watching nationwide and they are looking at a load of rare sheep, cattle etc. Do they taste much different I wonder :plate_with_cutlery: Can I get a rare beef rare please



Some Paddy from Cork on the radio yesterday. He’s got 82 acres of medicinal cannabis growing somewhere in California… Ref: @labane1917.

The crop turns over every 9/10 weeks. Security vitally important he says.
Making a mint anyway, speaking of a future of staggering multiples of millions.

Better bet than suckler cows or forestry even without the SFP…


Even if you have a breakout into the ganja field, it may be no harm. The Limousins would be fierce docile after a few hours grazing there.


it will be something the Oirish Government will have to look into when what is left of the agricultural industry collapses after Brexit